My New Home

September 25, 2008

I arrived safe and sound in Los Frios, which is 5000 feet about sealevel and absolutely gorgous.  I live with a couple who feeds me very good food, I sleep under a mosiqiote net, and I wake up each morning to the sound of roosters, motos, and other homes waking up.  The view from my front porch is amazing.  There are huge rolling hills and mountians for 180 degrees with a small lake in one of the valleys.  It is seriously one of, if not the most, beautiful places I have ever seen.


I have meet the majorioty of the community, as it is only a couple of hundred, and you have to shake hands and say hello to everyone you pass.   I have really become close with the children here, and they all seem to know my name, even ones I have never met.  Days when I am not working we all play together.  I have taught a fair amount of the Los Frios kids Red Roover and Duck Duck Goose.  We also race, play hand clap games, and some spanish games which I rarely understand.  I dance with the preteen girls next door every other night and they have taught me Bachata and Meringue.  


When I am not playing I am working at the farm or on the house which we are buildin g as a model for Green Construction and for the Ecotour Guides to use as a meeting and storage place.   I also watched the road be built by 40 community members which will lead to the house.  I have sat in on a few meetings, and although I can understand a fair amount of Spanish now, am still struggling to speak it well. 


I am extremely content here.  I love it.  Life is so simple and beautiful.  


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