Fall 2008 Investigatory Trip, Los Frios, Dominican Republic


Two young cousins who attend the local preschool sponsored by the Archdiocese of Orlando.


Our home for seven weeks in Los Frios.  This is one of the nicest homes in the village, and the view from the front door is breath-taking.


While in Los Frios I taught the children a few games from my childhood.  Duck, duck, goose (pato, pato, gallo) was a huge success, but because of the lack of grass, the children sat on overturned chairs instead of the hard red clay ground.


A colmado, what we would consider a small convenience store, is the closest thing to a grocery store you will find in the village.  This one was owned and operated by our neighbors and received a microloan from Sur Futuro, a Dominican non-profit which operates in the area encouraging economic development.


The mode of transportation up and down the mountain.  Often, young boys would catch the back of the truck and take a quick joy ride to the next small mountain town.


Preschool has just been let out for the day and students surround me as I walk down the street, all asking me to play and take pictures.


The local state sponsored school.  The schools are the most well constructed buildings in the area because they also act as hurricane shelters.  Each student also receives a uniform, not for the reasons normally given in the US, but because with a school uniform each student will at least have a shirt and pair of pants.   


A friend who attended school but wasn’t made to sit in class.  He has a development issue which has not been diagnosed or treated, due to his family’s limited resources and the remoteness of Los Frios.


The hands of everyone who helped construct the road that leads down to the Ecotourism building.  All of these workers volunteered their time and skill because they wanted to make a difference in the community.


A 15 year old girl who stopped going to school to help take care of her younger siblings.  


An example of the smiling faces I saw every day in Los Frios, despite the sometimes difficult days.  The positive outlook and genuine hospitality of the people was a constant source of inspiration for me. 


2 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Anita Roberts Says:

    I am so proud of you and Sam, Dwight, and I are so lucky to have you as a friend.

  2. Kenneth Watson Says:

    Bravo. It takes all the little things of that nature to make a difference. Being by example. Those are courageous and admirable actions.

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